The Daily Mail reports that a team of all-male psychologists at Edinburgh University has discovered that the number of super-intelligent men is double that of super-intelligent women. In the brightest two per cent of the population, there are two men to every one woman. The Edinburgh psychologists tested 2,500 brothers and sisters, all brought up to have the same high expectations, and gave them tests in science, math, English and mechanical ability. They did find that women tend to be better at languages. But the smartest — and the stupidest — in the tests were the males. The females occupied the middle ground.

In a statement that made us feel stabby, Timothy Bates, a professor of psychology who led the research, offered this explanation: "The female developmental program may be tilted towards ensuring survival and enjoying the safety of the middle ground." The author of this article goes on to write, "Even the cleverest girls and women during pregnancy become forgetful and vague. Something actually happens to the brains of pregnant women which turns them, for some of the nine-month period, into semi-zombies." No, this is not a joke. Although we did notice that all of the "geniuses" pictured look absolutely miserable. And, if you look closely, you'll see that in the caption below these photographs, the word "symphony" is misspelled. Genius!

Only Men Can Be Geniuses... But There Are Far More Stupid Men Than Women [Daily Mail]