Men Are Getting More Plastic Surgery (Again)

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Men are going under the knife (and asking for the needle) more often than ever, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Is this some validation for everyone who pushed the metrosexual trend story in the early part of the decade?

Don't worry, girls still totally rule this shit, with 91 percent of overall procedures. And it doesn't take a stats genius to see that the rate of growth for women choosing to have plastic surgery was... also 2 percent. And that this represents no particular jump for men, whose rate of elective plastic surgery has been rising for years. But let's talk about how men can be vain too! Here are the numbers.

The fastest-growing procedure? Face-lifts, which went up 14% to 10,903 performed.

Men also got 10% more filler treatments (78,472), 9% more Botox treatments (336,834), 7% more liposuctions (23,899) and 4% more eyelid surgeries (31,476). The number of nose jobs — the most popular procedure for men — decreased, falling 4% to 63,585 in 2010.


Surely this means something about how men feel about their noses. Surely there is a prominent-nosed celebrity that must be changing their minds. Did Owen Wilson have a big year? Has Mickey Rourke's look gone mainstream?

Face-Lifts: Men Get More Plastic Surgeries, But Women Still Get The Most [LAT]

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Come on guys. Mickey Rourke isn't just your run-of-the-mill plastic surgery addict, he actually needed some work done after his career as a boxer ruined his previous face. I'm sure you'd try to fix it too if your face had been battered so badly as to be unrecognizable. Granted, the work he got done didn't turn out great, but let's remember that he did NOT just go get surgery out of the blue and for purely vain reasons. Not the best example to use.