Melissa McCarthy is one of those people who can turn anything into something you'll be laughing your ass off at forever. Unless it involves trying to entertain her kids on a drive through Wyoming.

On David Letterman's show last night she shared what it's like to drive two young children through Wyoming (a state my uncle swears up and down isn't a real state because it was taken over by Canada and our government is just lying to us about it). I admire her bravery for even attempting this.

I would not be fulfilling my duties as a blogger if I did not mention her bangs. Bangs are the most controversial subject of our time. Friends will agree to disagree about abortion or Obamacare but bangs can tear apart even the strongest of bonds between loved ones. So I know it's risky for me to take a strong stand on this and declare myself, at least when it comes to McCarthy's new do, that I am 100 percent TEAM BANGS. I think she absolutely rocks them.