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Melanie Griffith's Daughter Dakota Is A Big Fat Liar

Illustration for article titled Melanie Griffiths Daughter Dakota Is A Big Fat Liar
  • Oh look! It's Melanie Griffith and her 17-year-old daughter Dakota, who is a model, entirely on her own merit. Oh what? You would rather have nepotism in charge of some less-influential realm of the public sphere? Hey, look who's on TV talking about the troop surge! So the scandal here is: does Dakota's modeling card lie about her size? [SassyBella]
  • PETA crashed a private Alexander McQueen fashion show in New York last night with its signature blood-red paint and hollering protesters. The animal rights group was nicer to New York State's first lady, however, [PETA, NY Daily News]
  • If Donna Karan is the like the crazy aunt who gave you your first joint, Diane von Furstenberg is the crazy aunt who bought your first vibrator. Says DVF: "Women inspire me... Sometimes, when people hear the word 'feminist', they think that means looking down on the idea of being feminine, but you can be feminine and feminist. But I do believe in the strength of women and I do believe that women can save the world." [Independent]
  • A Chopard watch selling for $15,715 is totally unacceptable. Oh wait, it benefits the ASPCA: Nevermind! Yay for puppies! [Fashion Week Daily]
  • The economy is shaking at its foundations and somehow H&M is still raking in the cash. [Times UK]
  • We think that feathered corsets sound kinda freakish and, also: ugly. Knowing they will be worn by Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie Bradshaw in the upcoming Sex and the City movie confirms this feeling. [LA Times]
  • Seriously, can someone explain to me why Carlos Santana has a women's shoe line? Really. The whole "universe is absurd" excuse can only go so far. [Dear Jen: the musician and the shoe designer are not the same person. -Ed.] [UPI]
  • Remember when we asked last week, Who would want Heatherette for M.A.C. make-up? Well now we know! Former Top Model winner Caridee English. [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Sass & Bide is going to do a diffusion line called s&b for the (rich) youngins. []
  • Patsy and Edie's favorite designer Christian Lacroix is curating a photo exhibit on Arles, France. []
  • Blah blah Luella Bartley collaborating with Tonic to do eco-aware tees blah blah helping children. [WWD, 3rd item]
  • Rest assured, law enforcement is on top of the phony George Clooney clothing line. [WWD, sub req'd]

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I love DVF so fucking much. I will join you in your meat-eating crusade for the protection of fashion. I vote we call it "FleshFest 08" and the logo can be the cutest animal we can find. (There's an AMAZING dress of his on display at the Met right now: it's his interpretation of a ship-wreck and it seriously looks like it was crafted from sea foam. GORGEOUS.)

@Ipomoea: I can't stand Lacroix, but I always smile that little bit for Eddy.