Melanie Griffith And Antonio Banderas Don't Do It Anymore, Might Divorce

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After fifteen years of marriage (and a fair amount of that spent in couples therapy, apparently), two of the final standing members of the Un-Divorced Hollywood Old Guard, Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith, might be almost ready to call it quits. This spring, Banderas was seen getting all up on another woman at a club, and last week Griffith hung out in L.A. sans wedding ring. One source says that separation is imminent, and the pair are only hanging on for the children.


They used to be the most passionate couple, they couldn't keep their hands off each other. But they haven't been intimate in months and rarely even sleep in the same room these days. It's not good. Melanie is absolutely distraught. This was her fairytale and it's falling apart.

But another quote, from a source "close to the couple" in People insists that everything is fine, just fine, crazy-eyes fine!

They seem absolutely fine. Honestly, they seem happy... They really are very happy together.

But are they happy, Source? SOURCE?

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Since her spinning peppermint bra has, sadly, gone the way of the dodo, Katy Perry has somehow found a way to go on, and she's now facing an indecency charge in India for a microphone stunt with Australian cricketeer Doug Bollinger—he embraced her from behind and showed her vagina how to use a cricket bat (click through for visual clarification).


The complaint, filed by a lawyer who claims to be acting on behalf of the indignant public, alleges that the incident was "obscene and lascivious" and "[a distraction to] students who were writing exams at the time," as well as defying India's Indecent Representation of Woman Act. It goes to court July 31st, by which time Katy Perry's vagina should be ready for the big game after the required "Eye Of The Tiger" training montage. [The Sun]

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For your latest installment of How Katie Holmes Is Getting Her Groove Back, it was revealed yesterday that she would be headlining in Dead Accounts, a Theresa Rebeck play on Broadway. She'll be playing "a woman in her 30s who still lives with her parents and whose life gets shaken up when her brother rolls back into their Cincinnati town under some bizarre circumstances." Rebeck (also the creator of Smash), said of the casting, "It's beyond cool, honestly. The whole team is lively as hell. I am positively tingling with delight." Might this lead to a stint on Smash as Karen 2.0? [Vulture]

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After two years of courtship (beginning when she was a 23-year-old NYU student babysitting his kids FUUUUUU), Tiki Barber has tied the knot with Traci Lynn Johnson in New York. In 2010, Barber left then-wife Ginny (and the twins she was 8 months pregnant with, and their two young sons) to be with Johnson, with whom he had been sleeping with since his wife's first trimester. Barber's reputation has essentially been shot by this scandal: Today producers didn't renew his contract and no NFL team has been asking him to come out of retirement. [NYDN]

Stephen Ira Beatty, the 20-year-old transgender son of Warren Beatty and Annette Bening, has posted a video on We Happy Trans discussing his transition from female to male and the support of friends and loved ones. Beatty, a Sarah Lawrence graduate, slammed Chaz Bono last year as "a misogynist who does not represent us" after Bono said that transgenderism was "a birth defect, like a cleft palate."


"I am going to have babies and give them onesies with 'This is what a transfeminist looks like' on them," says Beatty. [ABC News]

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In the wake of the shocking Dark Knight Rises shooting spree in Colorado, the red carpet premiere and interviews with Christopher Nolan and the cast in Paris have been cancelled. Although Nolan, Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway and Morgan Freeman are already at Paris hotel Le Bristol, the French journalists who appeared for the daytime press conference were sent away. []
Also, Warner Brothers has just issued a statement about the shooting. [Deadline]

  • Snooki was invited to former Olympic wrestling champion Kurt Angle's wedding, and she couldn't go, but she sent him weed as a wedding gift. True story. [TMZ]
  • Cameron Diaz went on a a date in New York with someone who looked like Seth MacFarlane but wasn't. [Page Six]
  • Matt Lauer had Mike Tyson's face tattoo temporarily applied, a la The Hangover 2. [HuffPo]
  • Bow Wow has accused London's Park Plaza Hotel of racism after being singled out for smoking cigarettes in his room. [Female First]
  • Cee Lo Green has postponed his Vegas show, Loberace, originally promised to feature "sexified showgirls" and "mind-twisting magic." [NYT]
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  • Pink and Lily Allen are teaming up for a song on Pink's new album. [Toronto Sun]
  • 14 years ago, a bespectacled lil' Aaron Paul was psyched to be on The Price Is Right, and Jay Leno uncovered the clip. [Hyper Vocal]
  • The Wire's Dominic West will star in a UK production of My Fair Lady. McNulty sings! [Daily Mail]
  • Stephen Moyer divulged that he and Alexander Skarsgard suggested a Bill/Eric sex scene to True Blood writers and says he's heard some of the show's slash fiction is "incredibly good" and "can get very graphic." [The Advocate]
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  • Newly-marrieds Agyness Deyn and Giovanni Ribisi kiss. [Us Weekly]
  • Russell Brand is going to be a vicar, a.k.a. able to marry people. [The Sun]
  • Matt Damon and Ben Affleck and their respective families are gonna live on the same Miami street. How do you like them co-dependent apples? [The Sun]


Violet Baudelaire

Russell Brand, Imma let you finish, but this was the best Vicar of all time!