Mel B (aka Scary Spice) was on Larry King Live last night with her high-profile attorney Gloria Allred to discuss the paternity suit she's filed against baby daddy Eddie Murphy. Check out Larry trying to give Scary Spice some advice, above!

Basically, she said it has nothing to do with money. Instead, Mel is pissed because although Murphy has acknowledged (after a DNA test) that he is the father, he hasn't made any attempt to get to know little Angel Iris Murphy Brown. (Ugh! That unfortunate surname!) She says that Murphy won't even take her calls, and the last time the two spoke was back in September when she was still pregs. Currently there are no laws saying that men have to play any role in their child's life, beyond financial support. Both parents have since moved on to other relationships: Mel secretly married Stephen Belafonte in June, while Murphy recently became engaged to Tracey Edmonds.