Megyn Kelly Today, Today: 'She Does Kick You Under the Bus Every Once in a While'

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Image via screengrab.

Welcome to Megyn Kelly Today, Today, a new daily column in which we will share the most memorable things that happened on Megyn Kelly Today every morning until we are no longer able to watch Megyn Kelly Today without feeling like there will be no tomorrow.

  • Megyn Kelly walked onstage in a pale blue dress with black polka dots and a black belt.
  • Megyn Kelly took questions from the audience, including one about whether or not she would take a knee at a football game.
  • Megyn Kelly nearly dodged the question by saying, “[First of all], I would never be at a sporting event.”
  • Megyn Kelly ended up answering the question by saying, “I am a lover of the first amendment...Those players have every right to take a knee, and those who object have every right to object...The answer to speech we do not like is not less speech, it’s more speech.”
  • Megyn Kelly began an interview with the cast of This Is Us by saying, “The first season had cancer death suicide obesity depression anxiety alcoholism. Why do we love it so?!”
  • Mandy Moore said, “Ultimately our show is uniting and unifying people.”
  • Megyn Kelly asked Sterling K. Brown, “What do you think this show says about race?”
  • Megyn Kelly welcomed Chrissy Metz to the stage.
  • Megyn Kelly began narration of a This Is Us set visit by revealing that Milo Ventimiglia is “affectionately called papa bear on set.”
  • Megyn Kelly ended her interview by grabbing Metz’s forearm and gently saying, “It’s been a pleasure.”
  • Megyn Kelly introduced a video of her friends and family complimenting her.
  • Megyn Kelly inspired me to get my friends and family to compliment me on video so I can show the supercut to all potential friends.
  • Megyn Kelly’s mom said she used to dance around to “Miss American Pie,” which echoes a Don McClean reference she made just yesterday.
  • Megyn Kelly showed old videos of herself doing aerobics.
  • Megyn Kelly’s best friend Janice said, “Megyn Kelly is a terrible cook.”
  • Megyn Kelly’s husband Doug said, “She’s not a great cook, but she is a great project coordinator.”
  • Megyn Kelly made me think twice about asking my friends and family for compliments.
  • Megyn Kelly introduced today’s (actually good) human interest story about female police officers by saying, “If your idea of a police chief is a gruff, cigar-chomping tough guy, then you need to meet CJ Davis.”
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  • Wait, Megyn Kelly suggested that in her mind, police chiefs are always chomping on cigars?! Not practical for police work.
  • Megyn Kelly said hi to Hoda and Kathie Lee before teasing tomorrow’s episode, which will feature Jane Fonda and, oops, NBC cut to commercial before Megyn finished revealing tomorrow’s guest list.

Clip of the day: Megyn’s Mother!

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That shirtdress is an unacceptable length. Acceptable longer lengths are:

Just below the knee

At the midpoint of the widest point of your calf - like how you’re “supposed” to fill a wine glass THIS IS WHAT MIDI LENGTH IS, PEOPLE


top of foot


People think “midi” length means anything between knee length and ankle and it is a tragic misunderstanding. Skirt lengths that fall below the knee but above the mid-point of the calf can be okay, depending on skirt style and footwear choice, but lengths that fall anywhere on the calf below the midpoint make even the longest, slenderest, beautifulest legs look like stumpy, shapeless misfortunes. I get how this happens when you’re just buying shit off the rack at Target, or whatever, but it is absolutely inexcusable in instances like this when a TV personality is being professionally dressed.

Also, fuck Megyn Kelly. You, know, generally. For being a terrible human being.