Megyn Kelly Manages to Make Mitt Romney Look Even Worse

Ever wonder what it looks like when a robot initiates a self-destruct sequence? Well, then please enjoy this collection of lowlights from Mitt Romney's appearance on Fox News yesterday. It's all of the worst of Romney—smug, stiff, rich—and none of the good...well, frankly, I can't think of anything good. Oh, right, his hair. Yeah, his hair doesn't even look that good here. Plus, he's facing friendly fire from Megyn Kelly. She doesn't let him finish his last sentence, for Christ's sake. And to think just yesterday Rick Santorum was complaining that Fox was "shilling" for Romney. Well, with Fox and Friends like these, who needs enemies? President Obama's campaign might as well call off their fundraising efforts right now, because all they need to do is air this video of Mittens on a continuous loop (and maybe splice in a few seconds of Obama singing from time to time), and a second Obama term will be swiftly delivered unto us.

Mitt Romney's Terrible Fox News Interview [Buzzfeed]


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