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Megyn Kelly Is the Voice of Reason in Race Debate

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Megyn Kelly—what an enigma, what a woman. Has anyone ever so masterfully teetered between sanity and insanity—between oh so right and unforgiveably wrong? When Megyn Kelly is the voice of reason in a discussion about racial identity in America, it almost makes you believe in the unbelievable.

As Mediaite points out, convicted felon and former Ann Coulter beau, Dinesh D'Souza, appeared on Fox News Monday night to completely misinterpret Martin Luther King's mission and suggest that Barack Obama, a literal African American, has not lived the "African American experience."

D'Souza compared Dr. King's legacy with that of today's "race activists" like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and—wait for it—Barack Obama, the President of the United States. It was then that we bore witness to Megyn Kelly's first sane response of the interview:

"How do you put Al Sharpton in the same field as Barack Obama?"

Excellent question, Megyn! D'Souza, would you care to respond?

"Barack Obama's actually a very odd example, because although he's the first African American president he hasn't actually had the African American experience. In fact he's not descended from slaves on either side of his family."


Yes because the only way to understand what it's like to be an African American is to be descended from slaves instead of merely existing as a black person in a country that doesn't care to know anything about you beyond the color of your skin. Also, I have to say, as a black American I find it very curious that this Indian American man has the inside scoop on the "African American experience." Is there a handbook that they give out? And how did he get one and I didn't?

Megyn Kelly sane response number two:

"What do you mean he hasn't had the African American experience? He has black skin and he grew up in America as a black man."


It was at this point when I felt my heart palpitate because I had already said those exact same words in my head. I AM SHARING THOUGHTS WITH MEGYN KELLY.

The brilliant D'Souza counters:

"Well he grew up in Hawaii..."

Megyn Kelly sane response number three:

"That's America."

D'Souza suggested that because Obama spent extended time in Indonesia and made multiple trips to Kenya, that somehow rubbed all the "African American experience" out of him.


Megyn Kelly sane response number four:

"That does not deprive him of his experience as a black man."

I have an unpopular opinion to share: I sort of love Megyn Kelly. Don't get me wrong—she's largely a horrible, terrible person with many horrible, stupid thoughts and opinions—but I like her in the same way I liked Ursula from The Little Mermaid.


She only cares about decency and civil rights to the degree that they directly affect her. Unlike many of her Fox peers, (cough cough Elizabeth Hasselbeck) you really can't argue that she's an actual idiot because she clearly knows what's up. Sure, she plays Fox News' ridiculous game, but will also exercise actual logic and sanity at the exact perfect moments to remind the world that she can be reasonable when she wants to be. I find her fascinating as much as I do reprehensible.

To be fair it's not difficult to look sane and smart when you're arguing with Dinesh D'Souza, but my expectations for all of these people is tremendously low.