Megyn Kelly Acquires a New Feud, This One with Trevor Noah and The Daily Show

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Megyn Kelly is annoyed with The Daily Show. Specifically, their take on her interview with Donald Trump.

Despite their very public antagonism in recent months, and despite the fact that Trump’s history and campaign present an near-endless list of obvious fucking questions for a sit-down interview, Kelly opted for a pretty soft touch once she actually had Trump in front of her. The exchange aired as part of a one-hour special, Megyn Kelly Presents, and certainly more than suggested that she’s retooling her image in anticipation of her upcoming talk show—trying to go more Barbara Walters/Matt Lauer. The New York Times called it “a convivial, easygoing interview.”

For instance, when Kelly confronted Trump with his heavy use of the term “bimbo,” he delivered an “excuse me” with all the persuasiveness of a high school senior who’s just been caught stealing a sign pointing the way to “Pecker Road,” and rather than press any further, Kelly laughed.


The Daily Show went in on the bimbo exchange in particular. “This was sold as a bloodbath, but in the end it turned out to be one of those couples baths that only exists in the Cialis commercials,” was the assessment of host Trevor Noah.

Well, apparently Megyn Kelly didn’t like that very much. This morning, she responded on Twitter:


And now, the New York Post declares: “Megyn Kelly feuds with ‘Daily Show’ host Trevor Noah.”

How convenient that, as GOP figures begin trudging into line behind their presumptive nominee, Kelly has resolved her troubles with Trump and can now, should she choose, redirect her feud-related energies toward traditional Fox News antagonist The Daily Show.


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She just set herself up to get dragged to dust by Samantha Bee tho