Meghan Trainor Is Producing a TV Show and (I'm Sorry) Writing the Original Music

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In an ongoing plot to ravage my soul via Meghan Trainor, Satan has added yet another dimension of torment by having her write and produce an ABC show about a girl group.


Trainor, a beacon of mediocrity and peppy empowerment, will both executive-produce the drama (titled Broken Record) and also write the original music as additional torture.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show follows a formerly broken-up girl group called The Candies who try to revive their career post-tragedy and “tracks the journey of the four women of a certain age as they navigate changing tides in the music business and attempt to find their second acts — in life and in friendship.”


This music industry-based drama is set to compete with Fox’s Empire and Star and follow in the footsteps of ABC’s former cult hit, Nashville. The project is still in development but with a set up that means it’ll likely get picked up as a series and perhaps go on for seasons. Why won’t Meghan Trainor just leave me alone?

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For some ungodly reason, my boyfriend loves the Petsmart commercial that uses a hook from one of her songs. I kept telling him that the song was garbage and her music is garbage. Finally, he looks up and listens to the entire song. Guess who was right about the song? Me!!!!!!