Meghan McCain's Mammaries Cause Twitter Furor

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Meghan McCain posted the photo at left on her Twitter feed last night, and the rash of negative responses made her threaten to quit Twitter entirely.


Twitter users were uninterested in McCain's reading choices, but were apparently very concerned about her decision to show them the tops of her breasts. A flurry of insults (now "temporarily unavailable") prompted her to tweet:

so I took a fun picture not thinking anything about what I was wearing but apparently anything other than a pantsuit I am a slut, this is

why I have been considering deleting my twitter account, what once was fun now just seems like a vessel for harassment

Later, she was more contrite:

I do want to apologize to anyone that was offended by my twitpic, I have clearly made a huge mistake and am sorry 2 those that are offended.

Did McCain really make a "huge mistake" by posting a picture of herself, fully clothed, with a book? It's tempting to say that she must've known people would be looking at her tits. However, McCain is clearly well-endowed in this department, and a tank top that might look like demure sleepwear on a smaller-chested woman looks revealing on her. Yes, she's been on camera a lot, but she's also 24 years old, and she's probably not used to being photographed without someone around to style her. She might have been legitimately unaware that her photo looked kind of cheesecakey.

Then there's the issue of who the fuck cares. LA Times blogger Johanna Neuman writes that, "if she's hurt by the reaction, you can only imagine how her parents feel." And Twitter user uselessgoo echoes, "I bet papa McCain is REAL happy." But John McCain is probably aware that his daughter has breasts. And given that she is in fact wearing a shirt over them, I doubt he's really all that scandalized. All Meghan McCain has really done is turn the image of the buttoned-up, hyper-conservative Republican woman on its head, which she's been doing for a while anyway. Twitter user ReikoEoh writes,

It makes me laugh bc she's so "Unrepublican-like" and upfront about everything; not the usual GOP hypocrite. So rad!


Showing off your boobs may not determine whether or not you're a hypocrite, but it does make Megan McCain look "Unrepublican-like," and thus it may be kind of a smart move. As we mentioned earlier, McCain is getting a lot of press as a young, cool, socially liberal Republican, and this picture — on Twitter, no less — can only strengthen that perception. It might also help drive traffic to her latest venture, a column at The Daily Beast, where she recently wrote about Jessica Simpson, another public figure whose breasts have gotten a lot of attention. Blogger Adam Ostrow writes,

That seems unlikely, as the buzz created is no doubt helping her stats over at The Daily Beast, and her account has become an important medium for promoting her work. Before signing off for the night, she even posted a link to her latest post. Ultimately, this just might add up to a savvy social media play, even if unintentional.


McCain probably shouldn't delete her Twitter account just yet.

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Sorry, but she knew that no one would be looking at her book in this picture. It's not just "tempting to say."

Her breasts are prominently featured here, they pushed up high and her shirt is very low. Yes, that shirt on a less well-endowed woman wouldn't look as racy, but, you know, it's NOT on a less well-endowed woman. You dress for the body you have.

I wouldn't call it "inappropriate" as in "slutty." It's not "slutty". But I'm uncomfortable pretending that she is dressed demurely here. That there is no difference between that outfit on her and that outfit on a woman of a different shape. There is a difference.

The girl can dress however she wants. But she is a political public figure and so the criticism isn't unwarranted from people who expect her to uphold some certain standard. If she is trying to be seen as "professional" (rather than cool, young, hip), then... yeah, this is "inappropriate" in that it doesn't serve that goal.

But I actually think she is looking to be seen as cool, young, hip, relatable 20-something... and so it was probably actually politically savvy. #meghanmccain