Meghan McCain Is "Violently Uncomfortable" with Artificial Wombs

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Today, the very notion of a human-made womb that exists outside of a woman's body sent Meghan McCain careening into an existential crisis, causing her to question the very nature of life itself. Because if there are ways to create life outside a woman's body, good god, what use is there for a woman?!


On Pivot TV's TakePart Live, the McCain and co-host Jacob Soboroff discussed futurist Zoltan Istvan's ideas around artificial wombs (something they called "#BABYFARMS," which is the most generous prompt for mental images). While Soboroff took the time to discuss how creepy it would be to build a perfect human, pro-life McCain analyzed through the kaleidoscope that is "The Feminist Perspective." Via Mediaite:

"As the token vagina on the set, I will tell you why I have a problem with this," the TakePark Live host said. "From a feminist perspective, there is something innately [sic] about the fact that I can give birth that separates men from women. … I'm very uncomfortable with the idea of scientists in a lab, messing with embryos, messing with fetuses– again, from a religion aspect of this country… it makes me violently uncomfortable."

When I hear "messing with embryos," I imagine scientists playing made-you-look with a fetus before laughing hysterically—"Just messing with you, embryo!" That's probably just me. Also, I'm not too keen on her using the term "feminist perspective" to define women by their child-bearing facilities, which may or may not serve to invalidate women with infertility issues and um, feminism as a movement. Furthermore, NO. JUST NO.

She said artificial wombs would raise concerns about "what conception even means and what life means in this country."

Yes, WHAT DOES LIFE EVEN MEAN (in this country), MEGHAN MCCAIN? Are we even, like, really human if humans make human life outside of two people mashing their things together? If life starts at conception and there's no uterus in which to house it inside a feminist perspective's body, does it even human?


Here's the clip:



As someone currently waddling painfully around her office while 36 weeks pregnant, because she doesn't want to start her maternity leave clock a second sooner than she has to...WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY ARTIFICIAL WOMBS?

Seriously, is there a kickstarter or something? I'm so into this.