Meghan McCain Calls Adultery Deplorable, But Forgets Her Father Is an Adulterer

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Well, you have to hand it to Meghan McCain. She's just taken hypocrisy to a fascinating new level. She's got a new book out, and Politico got ahold of it. In it, she calls Bill Clinton out for having "cheated and lied" during the Monica Lewinsky affair, and says she's "never cheated on a boyfriend" because her parents raised her not to lie, cheat, or steal. Must be nice to be standing on such firm, unshakeable moral high ground. She concludes,

This is why, for me, it is a completely black-and-white situation: President Clinton cheated and lied. You can argue all you want, but he cheated on his marriage vows, he cheated on his role as an employer, and he cheated the country from many months of what should have been personal-conflict-free governing. The core actions –- seducing a young woman and having her get you off -– alone are deplorable, but then the way he went on to play the victim was ultimately worse.

Okay, fair enough. Adultery is definitely something most of us frown upon, and it's pretty clear that Bill Clinton made some serious errors in that arena. But, but, but, Meghan McCain might want to do a little research into her own father's history before she goes about roundly condemning men who cheat on their wives. As Dan Savage points out, a quick look at John McCain's Wikipedia page would have reminded her that her father started dating her mother Cindy while he was still married to his first wife, Carol Shepp. OOPS. What a convenient fact to forget. So Meghan basically owes her life to the actions of a cheater and a liar. Still see it as a "completely black-and-white situation" there, gurl? Ready to publicly condemn your own father as a liar and a cheater? Yeah, didn't think so.

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Pope Alexander

I get the point here, but I think there's something inherently sexist about suggesting that Meghan is inescapably tied to her father, his past and his actions.