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Despite previous evidence that meggings were probably not going to happen, it now seems that the male legging could become a Transatlantic fashion trend, especially since fashion icons like Justin Bieber (!) and Russell Brand (!!) and Lenny Kravitz (!!!) have been spotted showing off their shapely calves and kneecaps in new pairs of meggings, which has made other men equate fame and handsomeness with snuggly-swaddled hamstrings.


The Telegraph suggests that, thanks to the "success" of meggings in New York (stores like Uniqlo, Barneys, and Nordstorm are all offering meggings), it won't be long before London men are strutting through Hyde Park in their own expensive pairs of designer leggings (this, I think, is a trend that would be tailor-made for Andre on The League). "The bad news," according pessimistic Telegraph fashion writer Tom Teodorczuk, "is they [meggings] are on their way to Britain," because Uniqlo is already offering meggings on its British website.

Still, not everyone thinks the megging is going to take off, if for no other reason than xenophobia is a really powerful force of cultural consciousness. For instance, one gentleman from the Bronx claimed he would not wear meggings because New York doesn't "do" men in jeggings, because jeggings for men who are "European," continentally so, and if there's one thing neither American nor British men want to seem like, it's European. Besides, meggings are a hard look to pull off, British fashion designer Lucy Sykes told the Telegraph, if you don't look like her "young, dark and handsome" friend Neil, who used to perform ballet at the Lincoln Center and apparently has the supple, sinewy body of a megging-clad Adonis.

Men in tights: how ‘meggings' are taking fashion by storm [Telegraph]

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