Megan Meier's MySpace Hoax Tormenter: "I Just Wanted It To End"

Remember back when MySpace tormenting mommy Lori Drew was the worst person in the world? Well, she still is, and here thanks to this morning's Good Morning America we have her 19-year-old co-conspirator Ashley Grills finally confirming it. If you never followed the story: it roughly goes: a thirteen-year-old hung herself after a distressing series of MySpace encounters with a boy she had been "friends" with; the suicide-inspiring boy turned out to be the fictional creation of Lori Drew, the mother of a former friend down the street, the insane saga eventually made its way into the New Yorker and eventually it seemed that maybe Ashley, not Lori, was the mastermind for the hoax. Here Ashley admits she writes the message that drove Megan to hang herself, but says she did it because she knew the joke had gone too far and wanted to erase the account. And why did she think it had gone too far? Because Lori Drew was trying to get her to set up a meeting with "Josh Evans" so that they could show up and laugh at her! [ABC News]

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@nagumi: I can appreciate what you're saying and wanting to empathize with what Ashley's going through. But without knowing every little single thing YOU did as a teenager — and by no means am I asking you to divulge every little single thing, of course — I'm getting the impression that whatever hatred you had, you turned in on yourself. Ashley, on the other hand, who clearly has her own issues (as evidenced by allowing herself to get caught up in Lori Drew as being some sort of "mother figure"), turned those issues on someone more fragile than herself. In my mind, those are two entirely different things.

Maybe she doesn't need to be harangued by the outside world every day for the rest of her life, but having to live with the consequences is perfectly just.