Megan Fox is Pregnant, Thanks to David Silver

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The world is about to get that much more unattainably beautiful now that Megan Fox is said to be expecting her first child with Brian Austin Green. Megan has been stepmom to Brian's 10-year-old son Kassius since they got married back in 2010, and the couple are said to be pretty excited about adding to their family. "They just found out and are incredibly excited," parrots a source type. "Megan has become a great stepmom, and Brian knows she'll be wonderful with the baby." But don't expect an announcement any time soon, word is she's keeping it on the down-low until she's a bit further along. Or it turns out she's not actually pregnant and it was another tabloid tale. "It's still early, so they are only telling close friends and family members," added the blabbermouth friend or family member. [Radar]


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Begging that somebody please think of the children, specifically Jessica Simpson's, some Helen Lovejoy-issue OBGYN has voiced concern for the health of the singer's unborn child following a thorough ocular assessment. "Jessica has put on well over 50 lbs," said Dr. Tara Solomon. "She talks about eating cheesecake for breakfast and fried chicken for lunch. She is way too big to be working out, so the weight is piling on." Adding that her "excessive" weight gain is putting her baby at risk, the consumate professional — who doesn't, you know, treat her or anything — suggests that Jessica stop shovelling said food down her pregnant gullet. "A pregnant woman should be eating about 1200 calories a day to keep up with baby's nutritional needs. She has gone overboard for sure." [Hollywood]

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Renee Zellweger had better watch her back now that upcoming superstar Jennifer Lawrence has her eyes on a plum role in Bridget Jones, playing, well, Bridget Jones. "I have always wanted to play Bridget Jones. That's the movie I put on when I am homesick, although England is not my home," she said. "When you're feeling bleh and you want a movie that you're never bored of watching, Bridget Jones is that for me so it's natural to say that I want to be Bridget Jones." Though she says she'd never dream of anyone in the role other than Renee, it could very well be a ploy to throw her off the scent before sneaking into the bathroom to call the casting agents. [Contact Music]

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What would you pay to get your hands on a vial of Ke$sha's blood? Nothing, I hear you say? Well, The Flaming Lips are hoping someone is willing to pony up the cash because they're putting the blood of all the contributors on their new record "The Flaming Lips And Heady Fwends" in limited edition copies of the album. "I don't have everybody's blood just yet, but I collected quite a few vials of blood and it's actually sitting in my refrigerator as we speak," said Wayne Coyne. "I'm going to try to take that same concept and put little bits of everybody's blood in the middle of this record. Like a glass specimen thing." Gross. Anyway, sidebar, I saw The Flaming Lips play a couple of months back and they were hands-down the worst. So arrogant and taunting the crowd for not cheering enough that it was sheer bliss when half of the crowd left midway through their set. [Vulture]

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Whether sarcastic or genuine, the thought of a Spice Girls musical tickles most of us in all the right places. So it's understandable that Jennifer Saunders credits co-writing it with helping her deal with her breast cancer. "Going back and playing all the songs and everything was quite emotional really," she said. "Their absolute joy and love of the music and those days is just so palpable." She also spoke about upcoming episodes of Absolutely Fabulous and why she steers clear of celebrity guests from the US — because, comedy-wise, they suck. "Explaining the jokes to Americans is boring. Madonna would be an absolute fucking nightmare. Can you imagine?" she sadded. "You'd have to explain the jokes and deal with her not liking a line. They'd worry about their image or this or that. It just wouldn't be worth it and too much trouble." [Mirror]

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Some of us may be using our teabags twice and wearing snow jackets inside in a bid to cut down on the heating bill, but don't you tell me that celebrities aren't also hurting in the current economic environment. Why just today Justin Bieber was refused the mortgage on a $7million property. Sure, he could pay it himself, but his business manager has nixed that idea because it doesn't make financial sense to do so and are now trying to lowball the seller. See, stars are just like us! [NYDN]

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Everyone gets excited when a new baby arrives. They get to "ooh" and "ahh" and grab their chubby little legs and then leg it out of there, leaving the overtired new parents to enjoy the private torture that is trying not to accidentally kill your child in the first few months of it's life. Just ask Hilary Duff who has been blessed-cursed with baby Luca for a week now. "4 am...Sleepy eyed. Feeding baby..whew this job is no joke!" she Tweeted. "Luca fed! Mamma fed! Time to do it all again in 2 hours! Oh how life has changed! Lol In such a wonderful way :)" Before bursting into tears. [US]

  • Even if you hate kids, you're going to be momentarily won over by some of them describing their take on Azealia Banks potty-mouthed track "212." [YouTube]
  • Used to some pretty harrowing scenes on the job, Kate Winslet admits she was waiting for someone to yell "cut" when she played the hero in that fire at Richard Branson's place last year. [Page Six]
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  • Though Arrested Development fans are fighting to keep Steve Holt in the picture I'm willing to accept a few casualties so long as we get more sweet, sweet episodes. [E!]
  • The plot thins in the Kim Kardashian flour-bombing case, with PETA standing behind the perpetrator. [E!]
  • I'm having difficulty pinpointing exactly why this picture of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, is hands down the best picture of the week. It just is. [People]
  • The world's most famous pseudo virgin, Madonna, is willing to teach the world's most famous actual virgin, Tim Tebow, a thing or two when he moves to New York. [People]
  • Fifteen-year-old me is pretty excited that Billy Corgan has managed to stop scrag fighting with Courtney Love long enough to release a new Smashing Pumpkins album. [Billboard]
  • Michael Bay and Paramount continue to shit all over your childhood memories by dropping the "teenage" and "mutant" from their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot, Ninja Turtles. [OMG]
  • Unlike Betty Draper, January Jones says she actually a pretty decent mom and is loving life sick now she has a wee once drooling about the place. [Daily Mail]
  • Say what you will about Coco, she is just peachy – as evidenced by this heart stopping neon tracksuit. [Radar]
  • Camille Grammer is talking marriage with her new man, which bodes well for being accepted on any future reality show franchise. Girl plans ahead. [Radar]



To add my own anecdote to the pile of comments about that horrible OB:

I am slightly below 'average' height and once tried the whole 1200 calories a day thing. I lost about 15lbs in a short period of time but I also became completely obsessed with food and calorie counting, thanks iphone app!

I was working out at least 3 times a week and would cry because I was so hungry. If I wanted to go out for drinks at night I would eat almost nothing for dinner to 'save up' calories. My weight loss plateaued pretty quickly after that.

I finally had enough misery and slowly bumped up my calorie intake to 1500 which is still on the lower end but actually reasonable and gained back the weight I lost plus 5lbs in about 3 weeks. That's right, I gained 20lbs while working out like a demon and eating 1500 calories a day because I fucked up my body.

So fuck you Dr. so and so.