Megan Amram's 'Let's Get Physics, Y'all' Is What You Need Right Now

Illustration for article titled Megan Amrams Lets Get Physics, Yall Is What You Need Right Now

Next month, Parks and Rec scribe Megan Amram has a book hitting stores: Science...For Her! It looks delightful. In the meantime, here is a little preview she just dropped over at Funny or Die. It's a music video for "Let's Get Physics, Y'all," featuring Nick Offerman and a sweatband that would do Olivia Newton-John proud.

So relieved somebody finally put science into terms my delicate brains can handle! (h/t Flavorwire)



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I really wanted to like this. Right up to the point where she felt it necessary to slam the fatties to make it funnier (I guess?). I'm a girl scientist and I was all ready to put this on my facebook wall, but it's very meh.