So, if you hadn't already heard that Beth Ditto was an It Girl, seeing Kate, Peaches, Daisy and Kelly at her Sir Philip Green-hosted clothing line launch party in London would make it plain. Beth, obviously, took it in stride.

See, if you heard the words "skintight domino-print," it might sound dubious. But then you know it's Beth Ditto, and it's like, ok, she'll pull that off. BTW! I saw the Gossip play five years ago, sailors, when she was still wearing just jeans and tees. They were awesome.

Speaking of pulling things off, Kate Moss almost makes us believe in forgetting one's pants. Almost.


You know what no one pulls off, ever, and that includes 20-year-old Britney Spears and Daisy Lowe? Pocket-baring Daisy Dukes.


Tolula Adeyemi's is a tribute I think Michael Jackson would approve of. Business in the back, Thriller in front.

Mary McCartney is the family photographer. I also really dig her dress.


Kelly Osbourne and Luke Worrall match. And I'm all about high-low, but dude's undershirt-ill-fitting tux combo is totally class hipster at the senior prom.

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