Meet Your New Heroic Pilot Crush

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Look out, Captain Sully Sullenberger. Watch your back, Carol from 30 Rock. There's a new hero pilot in town, and he's gunning for our hearts. You probably heard that earlier this week, the pilot of a JetBlue flight went crazy mid-flight and began running around the plane's cabin, ranting about Iran and September 11th. Well, now the flight's co-pilot has emerged as one of the heroes of the situation.


His name is Jason Dowd, and he was in the cockpit with the pilot, Clayton Osbon, when Osbon started to become incoherent. Dowd suggested they ask an off-duty captain who was on-board as a passenger to come into the cockpit. Osbon got up and left the cockpit, and at that point the off-duty captain came in, and Dowd locked the cockpit door. Osbon tried to get back into the cockpit and was banging on the door. Using the intercom, Dowd ordered that Osbon be restrained. He then called in an emergency landing, and everyone made it through without being seriously injured. If he hadn't been quick enough to get Osbon out of the cockpit in the first place, who knows what could have happened.

Dowd hasn't made any public statements, and he hasn't even been allowed to return home since the incident because he's still being interviewed by the authorities in New York. He lives in Salem, Ohio, and he has a wife and two young kids. By all accounts, he seems like a very decent human being. He apparently doesn't consider himself a hero, no surprise there because they never do. It's not clear whether he'll decide to step into the spotlight and let us fawn all over him, or whether he'll try to duck out of the public eye (good luck!) and go on with his life. If that happens, we'll just have to start flying JetBlue more often and hoping we happen upon him in the cockpit.

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I wonder if crazy pilot was already acting somehow off before all of this happened? Otherwise, why would hero pilot act so fast?