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Meet Yogi Cameron, Guru To The Stars

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Yogi Cameron is a model-turned-Ayurvedic-guru. In his former life, he was best known as the dude toiling in Madonna's "Express Yourself" video. He shows all signs of being absurd.


How did the newly-minted author of "The Guru in You" make the lifestyle switch? Well, as one does,

I was in Nelson Mandela's house in South Africa...Naomi Campbell was there, Kate Moss, Amber Valletta, Christy Turlington: the whole crew. It wasn't like a light bulb moment. It was more of, ‘Ah, this is really good, and it's not going to get better than this.' I thought, ‘Fashion will kick you out at some point, anyway. This is a good time to go off and find my path.'


This kind of thing — plus a stint in Ellen DeGeneres' guesthouse and a habit of sipping straight ghee — aside, his approach, according to the Times, seems straightforward enough: a mix of ayurvedic philosophies, yoga, and surprisingly down-to-Earth instructions about eating slowly. It confirms our deeply-held suspicion that pseudonyms and aphorisms are really half the battle, Hollywood-guru-wise. And really, who can argue with a man who writes of clarified butter, "A life without Ghee is no life at all!"

Hot or Not? A Model Turned Guru On What To Eat [NY Times]

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I can understand how he came to his epiphany. I remember one time when I was in Mickey Rourke's trailer down by the beach...Danny Bonaduce was there, Joey Buttafuco, Carrot Top, The cast of Skating with the Stars: the whole crew. It wasn't like a light bulb moment. It was more of, ‘Ah, what the hell am I doing here, and these people are terrifying.' I thought, ‘I wonder if anyone will notice if I crawl out the bathroom window and flag down a passing car? This would probably be a good time to leave.' And then I went into insurance. Now pass me the melted I Can't Believe It's Not Butter.