Yesterday, I appealed to all that was good, right, feminist and holy among us to stop with the attacks on groups like NARAL on the basis of disappointment over Hillary Clinton's likely inability to garner the Democratic nomination. Many of you suggested that the Democratic Party would, once the disappointment ebbed, come together and support Obama against John McCain and his choice-hating, abstinence-educating, unequal-pay-giving minions because even a guy that calls you "sweetie" is preferable to one who calls you a "cunt." Well, meet the ladies who would love nothing more than to prove you wrong: Cynthia Ruccia and Kimberly Myers.

They got on O'Reilly last night to say that they're so mad at the Democratic Party over sexism directed at Hillary that they're going to vote Republican in the fall "if it comes to that." Guess they really aren't mythological creatures.Ruccia and the other members of Clinton Supporters Count Too have decided that not only will they vote against the Democratic nominee if it isn't Hillary, they will actively campaign against Obama because, as far as they are concerned, the race is by no means over yet. In a press release yesterday, they stated

We have a plan to campaign against the Democratic nominee. We have the (wo)manpower and the money to make our threat real. And there are millions of supporters who will back us up in the swing states. If you don't listen to our voice now, you will hear from us later.

They believe that millions of other women will not only support them in their efforts to overturn the votes of millions of other Democratic voters (and women) who voted for Obama come the convention in August, but will also support their work to elect another (male) Republican President to spite the Democratic Party. A Republican, by the way who has no apparent problem with the misogyny directed at Hillary by his supporters.

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