Carrie has a drinking problem—as in, she drinks her own pee. In fact, she's addicted to it. Featured on last night's episode of My Strange Addiction, Carrie admits to drinking nearly all of her urine as part of an alternative medicine practice called urine therapy. Although it has no proven medical benefits, Carrie—a cancer survivor—believes that it has helped keep her in remission. However, she hasn't been to a doctor in six years. of the first time she drank her pee four years ago, Carrie said, "I didn't throw up and it wasn't horrible." That sounds like a ringing endorsement. "Sometimes it tastes like plum champagne," she adds, proving just how sophisticated her palette is.

Carrie doesn't just drink her urine though. She brushes her teeth with it, combs it through her hair, uses it as face lotion, bathes in it, flushes out her eyeballs with it and also uses pee in her Neti pot. At one point during the episode, she "confessed" her addiction to a friend who actually didn't look surprised, probably because she could smell her from a mile away.