Someone brilliant made a Tumblr called "Nice Guys" of OkCupid that is basically a roster of self-proclaimed "nice guys" who are actually total dicks. (Obviously; rule number one of being a real nice guy is that you never, ever refer to yourself as a "nice guy.") The site's moderator culls quotes from their online dating profiles such as "I'm so tired of those fake ass girls complaining that men are assholes and jerks and how they just want a nice guy who treats them right. Well that nice guy has been under your God damned nose this entire fucking time holding your hand" and "Being nice has never really helped me in life and has led to disappointment" and pastes them over their photos. Genius.

The best part might be that some guys are reblogging her posts and adding comments like "i know that feeling i too am sick of the friendzone" and "this is literally me." Sigh. Others are predictably pissed, even though she's just quoting them verbatim. Bros: you wrote your own burn book, now you have to lie in it.