Meet The New 8 Strangers Of The Real World: DC

Tomorrow night is the premiere of the 23rd season of The Real World. A 10,000-square-foot mansion in Dupont Circle will house a motley crew—two bisexuals, a few artists, and a former cult member—in their early 20s.

Mike is 22, bisexual, Christian, a problem-solver, and "a pile of contradictions."

Andrew is 21, politically incorrect, a comic book creator, unlucky in love, and an unconfirmed Dorothy Hamill fan.

Callie, 21, is described as a "health nut," but is shown maybe having body image issues and working out too hard. She's an aspiring photographer from a conservative town in Texas.

Emily is 21, bisexual, and was raised in what MTV describes as "a fundamentalist Christian cult" in the Midwest. She hates fakeness, and admits that she's not that into lesbianism, but is more into the idea of it.

Ty is 22, adopted, from Baltimore, and anti-religion.

Ashley is a 22-year-old liberal Christian who hates Texas and is obsessed with Obama. She was an Obama delegate from Vegas and is described as the "most politically aware of the roommates."

Erika is 21, a rock singer, and needs to be in a relationship, more for the friendship aspect than for the sex.

Josh is 23, from South Philly (in case you couldn't tell by his accent), wears eyeliner, thinks he is music, and says he doesn't like to brag, but seems to do it often.


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