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We only write when we are getting paid bundles and bundles of cold cash to do it, which is why we have always had a sort of anthropolgical fascination with message boards, where thousands of millions of internet users express their opinions, sometimes as incoherently as we do, every single day. The boards of, the Conde Nast-owned fash website and repository for awful party pictures, are inhabited by a very elite bunch....of complete nutjobs!

Re Allegra Versace:

I think she's beautiful. It really shocks me how much people care about other people's weight these days.


MUCH more mess board insanity — and inanity! — after the jump.

Re What to wear on your feet when you're just a regular dude who feels like the whole limited edition Nike blazer shit has gotten kinda played out:

I'm an old (53) fella who would love to be able to walk out in heels. The lasses have been able to borrow our clothes and yes shoes for years if it suits them without being called names. Why can men not now use the same premise and if they fit go out and have fun in their heels?

Re Allegra

I think she's beautiful because of her personality.

Re Allegra

She is mature, and knows what she wants, and acts like a lady while doing so. That IS beautiful.


Re ..

Cool thread. I also wear heels in public. Maybe some women do't think it looks good, but then again women wear clothes that I don't think looks that good.

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