Meet the Green Lady

St. Patrick’s Day probably made you hate the color green. See it again through the eyes of Elizabeth Sweetheart, one of those particular weirdos you only encounter in New York. It’s like, is she super rich, or what? Is she an eccentric genius or is she one of those people who calls themselves an artist so they can torment some 19-year-old “intern” they got off Craigslist?

Hard to say, but I’d like very much to love her without reservation, because look at these spoons:


And she’s got her husband in line:

Do we dare ask how he felt before Now?

According to The New York Times, Sweetheart’s son is a mentalist, who stopped her from dyeing their golden retriever a certain color. The weird plot thickens.


Sweetheart says, “My daily routine is I get up and go in the kitchen and turn on all the lights and I see all the green and I go ‘Oh, it’s a happy day!’”


She’s also had multiple operations, including at least one that required getting to her brain. She says, “The brain surgeon loved my green hair so he didn’t shave my head when he operated, which was unusual...He took care to let me keep my green hair.” Green protects, renews, revives.

Images via The New York Post.

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