Here are your Jezebels: Anna Holmes (left), Jennifer Gerson (center) and Moe Tkacik (right). Photo by Nikola Tamindzic, 2007; shot on location at Sutra Lounge, NYC.

Meet The Editors

Here are your Jezebels: Anna Holmes (left), Jennifer Gerson (center) and Moe Tkacik (right). Photo by Nikola Tamindzic, 2007; shot on location at Sutra Lounge, NYC.

For Jezebel’s 10th anniversary, we’re revisiting some classic posts from our archive. Here’s to the next ten.

Welcome to Jezebel, the new blog from Gawker Media for women. As with any blog, what we publish depends a lot on what we get; to that end, please send along your tips and comments about anything and everything, including but not limited to: general gossip; wedding announcements that warm the cockles of your hearts; bad boyfriends and girlfriends; stuff you see on TV (direct morning talk-show news to Jenny); stuff you read; World Series predictions (direct these specifically to Anna); Scarlett Johansson (direct these to Moe); news about women’s magazines (particularly regarding any and all swag/services bestowed upon them by generous luxury goods companies); bad behavior; people who suck; Gwyneth Paltrow; cute animal pictures; fashion victims (direct to Jenny); offensive and/or baffling advertisements; women who hate women; men who hate women; women you feel are beyond the reproach of even a bunch of bitter, unshowered bloggers (for the 5-10% of the time we feel charitable); Oprah Winfrey. Want to know a little more about who we are? Check us out after the jump, and hit up our manifesto. Also, if anything looks weird to you in your browser, we’d love it if you’d send us a bug report (and note which browser and OS you’re using).

Anna Holmes, Jezebel’s Managing Editor, comes to the site via (conflict-of-interest alert!) Entertainment Weekly, Glamour, Star, and most recently, InStyle. In addition, she once published a book. She may publish another one someday. Maybe not. (Her latest royalty check was for $30.30). Anyway, when not in front of the computer, she can be found watching baseball (National League), sleeping, or tooling around in her beloved 5-speed transmission.

Editor Moe Tkacik began a once-promising career in journalism at the Philadelphia Daily News, where she covered murders and other harsh realities of urban life she had theretofore experienced primarily through rap lyrics. She later worked at the Wall Street Journal covering the athletic footwear, sportswear and auto accessories industries as those subjects gradually became the central topics of rap lyrics. She was inspired to take this job when she realized Common’s I Used To Love H.E.R. could have really been written about Jane Pratt. Moe has also worked at Time Asia, the National A-1 phone sex call center and the now-defunct Philadelphia Independent. She is hungover right now.

To the best of her knowledge, Associate Editor Jennifer Gerson is the only person from Marietta, GA to have come to school wearing Helmut Lang bondage pants. After graduating magna cum laude from Tufts and Columbia universities, Jennifer parlayed her education in trauma theory into a career in fashion, working as an editorial assistant and the assistant to the editor-in-chief at Elle. She has also written for Paper magazine,, and worked in the office of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.


January We saw Nancy Pelosi sworn in as the first female Speaker of the House, and watched Hillary Rodham Clinton announce her candidacy for president. Predictably, rampant sexism ensued. We learned about Purity Balls for dudes, where — surprise!