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Meet the Creepy Lady Robot Who Will Now Help You at the Airport

Of all the things our airports need these days, more working bathrooms, better food options, and fewer epicly shitty delays would probably top the list. But rather than getting those things, those of us who live in New York are apparently instead getting an unsettling avatar who is designed to replace human customer service representatives. Here's a little bit of the horror "she" unleashed during a demonstration of her skills.

I am the latest and greatest in next generation public guidance and advertising. I never take a break, don't charge overtime, hardly ever take sick leave, and I don't need a background check. I'm so versatile. I could be used for just about anything. I can say what you want, dress the way you want, and be just about anything you want me to be!


*Shudder* She doesn't have a name yet, and that's just as well because it seems more like she's been designed as a submissive sex doll for men who are vehemently opposed to people being employed than she does a helpful friend. How she will be of any more use to travelers than a few display screens or an actual human who can answer questions remains to be seen. Let's just hope that over time she develops a sense of self and starts talking back to all the people who will no doubt be spending their layovers asking her to open her blouse or turn herself into Princess Leia.

Avatars to Assist Travelers at Area Airports [WNYC via Village Voice]

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Is there a worse possible time to experience the Uncanny Valley effect than when you're tired, jet-lagged, rushing, and probably already in a foul mood? I suppose the momentary bemusement might provide some relief from all the other stuff.