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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

Meet Snorg Tees Alice, The Accessible Internet-Famous Jessica Biel

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Perhaps you have not yet seen the most important thing on the internet right now, which is to say the interview with Alice the Snorg Girl, but if you read this blog you probably know Alice. She's a complulsive smiler like Natalie Portman in Garden State, only with the rack of ScarJo and the tan of .... a girl who works at a tanning salon. She's the spokesmodel of Snorg Tees, which makes slogan T-shirts that didn't make it to T-shirt Hell. The ads were almost annoying as the T-shirt slogans themselvs and they're no longer on our site we assume because they are not actually targeted at people like us, they are targeted at the male species, who all seem to think of Alice as the Web 2.0 Helen of Troy. But did they know she ALSO majors in communications?

I really like reading. I'm kind of a closet reader. I love reading Harry Potter, and the last book is coming out this month, I'm freaking out. I also really like any kinds of arts and crafts.

But don't get too hot, boys in our audience! There's a bonerkiller after the jump.

From Alice's Myspace:

About Me:

My name is alice and i have brownish curly hair...when i wash it. I kind of want to grow dreadlocks but not sure that i could pull them off.


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