Vogue is so great, the way it slips little historical factoids in with all the fabulous aspirational lifestyle coverage. Not that we'd know, since we don't really aspire to much, but one of our readers managed to get through this entire story, "Hill Country," on the ranch of Sandy Hill, some former Mademoiselle editor who apparently found her true calling in having people over to her commodity trader husband's lavish estate and serving them wine โ€” non-oaky chardonnay โ€” from his vineyard. "'Sandy is the best entertainer I've ever encountered, even if it's just the three of us,' says her neighbor and winemaker Andrew Murray." is written in big type in the middle of the page, to give you an idea. Also she is writing a cookbook or something, and is athletic. And then, about maybe a thousand words in in the middle of a passage about her upbringing:

She scaled mountains (including a tragic 1996 attempt to climb Everest in which a climber in her group died)

Huh! Sounds like something one of those men's magazine writers wrote a story about once; let's see, we're at the bottom of the page...wonder if there's any more on that tragic climb...

Nope! Hmmm. Well, here is a pretty picture:


Thanks, readers! Maybe we'll Google that tragic thingamabobby sometime, or ask our brother about it or something.