Meet Peggy Leg, the Tiny Dog That's About to Get a Fancy Bionic Foot

No matter how many three-legged dogs you've met in life, there's always room for one more in your heart—especially when that dog's name is Peggy Leg (PEGGY LEG!), and she's about to become the world's smallest bionic dog. If awesomeness had a weight, this teeny lady would be crushed under the heft of her own perfection. Peggy Leg (I am sorry, but that is the best name ever for any dog) was born without a foot and came to be adopted by Mary Jewell of Enchantment Chihuahua Rescue from a shelter in Roswell, New Mexico, when she was five months old.


Because of the nature of her deformity, her entire footless leg was going to have to be amputated to keep it from exerting too much strain on her back. But then researchers at North Carolina State University who are working on a new kind of artificial limb stepped in and offered to give Peggy Leg a fancy bionic titanium implant for free. They previously gave a large dog a similar prosthetic leg, but this will be the first implant done on a small dog. This research is being done in order to eventually use the prosthesis on humans, such as wounded soldiers. The procedure requires that Peggy Leg take four trips to North Carolina, which her rescuers are raising money to pay for. Once she's gone through the surgery, she'll have the fanciest peg leg of them all, and she will hold the adorable title of "World's smallest bionic pet."

Chihuahua Puppy Who Was Born Without A Foot Will Become World's Smallest Bionic Pet [HuffPo]

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So, in summary, Peggy leg is getting a leggy peg?