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Meet 'Overly Attached Girlfriend,' Your Friday Meme

Illustration for article titled Meet Overly Attached Girlfriend, Your Friday Meme

Apparently there's a new meme called "Overly Attached Girlfriend," inspired by a parody Justin Bieber fan video and complete with a Twitter account that tweets things like, "Guys night? Sounds like fun! Where are we going?" and "You ate at Wendy's? WHO THE FUCK IS WENDY?"


Man, the "crazy girlfriend" trope is getting old. (Not that it was ever "new.") Plus, it's not just women who post way-too-personal missives on their significant other's Facebook wall 20 times a day or snoop through emails; guys get intense about relationships, too. But I'm on my period right now, so I'm probably too emotional to talk about this stuff.


I will say that we do all know some people like this — male and female — so some of the more ridiculous jokes made me giggle, like "You pocket dialed me. SO I LISTENED FOR SIX HOURS." and "Doesn't spit or swallow. SAVES." (Ew.)

"Overly Attached Girlfriend" Is The Girlfriend Meme You've Been Waiting For [Buzzfeed]

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It kind of has to be Overly Attached Girlfriend to be funny, because if you did the same jokes with a boyfriend, it would just be scary.

Like the saying "men are afraid that women will laugh at them, women are afraid that men will kill them"...with a woman, it's seen more as a pain in the ass. With a man, people intuitively know that possessiveness and lack of boundaries can go very, very badly indeed.