Maybe you hadn't gotten around to familiarizing yourself with Mike Huckabee, so since he's leading the Republican race in Iowa and I have a copy of The Economist in my bathroom I'm gonna give you a primer. Huckabee is one of those guys who used to be really fat but miraculously managed to lose 110 pounds without the help of a reality show. How'd he do that? JESUS. No, actually, I think he just stopped eating so much, because the resultant book is called Stop Digging Your Grave With Your Knife And Fork. Like Bill Clinton, he's from Hope, Arkansas, and even though Bill blurbed his book Huckabee likes to crack to voters that they should "Give Hope another chance" because he's a preacher and pro-life but sorta anti-free trade and pro raising taxes, which sounds like such an obviously attractive mix of viewpoints to reach those "heartland" types that you sort of can't believe no one thought of it earlier, but remember they're Republicans. Anyhow!

He's in a rock band called Capitol Offense and there is some Economist poll that purports that voters think of him as the most moral guy/gal in the race. His viewpoints are somewhat scary partic this thing about him wanting to post the Ten Commandments all over town and fight for second amendment rights, but on a local level he likes to support nice things like art and music classes and healthier school lunches. In short, he sounds a lot like what a lot of people thought they were getting in George W. Bush in 2000; you know, those people who were all "he seems like a nice guy!" to which you said, "But he's CERTIFIABLY RETARDED CAN'T YOU TELL???" Huckabee doesn't seem retarded, but he ranks the lowest on the Economist's poll of "intelligent" candidates — Obama is #1!!! — so maybe, if the country has learned its lesson, they will not make the same mistake. Has the country learned its lesson? HAH.

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