Meet Karenna, Martha Stewart's Wardrobe Mistress

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  • Martha Stewart has a wardrobe mistress paint the soles of her Christian Louboutins black. We would endorse this, as we take most of our fashion cues from the fictional character Cayce Pollard in William Gibson's Pattern Recognition and think that conspicuous logos are the scourge of the universe, but blogging about the fact that you not only remove said logos but have a "wardrobe mistress" to do it for you is not exactly inconspicuous. And yet...I love her? [The Martha Blog]
  • Ooooh, promo shots from Stylista, the new Tyra-produced reality show wherein the winner gets to be the assistant to known-psychopath Anne Slowey! Anne, an Elle editor, is one of those fashion people who is driven batshit by persistent fad dieting, but the resultant batshitism, in an industry whose shallowness is matched only by its aloofness, can be kind of endearing, unless you are her assistant. Ratings gold! [Fashionologie]
  • Tori Spelling and her son are shilling for Skechers, which I find fitting. I mean, Skechers is sort of the Tori Spelling of shoe brands, and if you don't believe me I'm here to remind you the company was founded by the same guy who brought the world L.A. Gear. [SassyBella]
  • Yeah, Bonnie Fuller is retiring from the day-to-day of the magazine industry, but don't worry, like with George W. Bush, her legacy of devastation will long outlive her career. [WWD]
  • Nina Garcia is headed to Marie Claire. Marie Claire has been making all sorts of interesting moves lately, hiring "smart"-type editors from the likes of GQ and Forbes, but with Nina Garcia on board, the magazine could snag the Project Runway partnership that could elevate its status in the celebrity-sartorial complex as well, making for a magazine with all the promise and potential and pages and utter schizophrenia of ELLE! [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Vanessa Paradis is set to replace Kirsten Dunst as the face of Miu Miu. Think Prada execs finally got sick of a bunch of spoiled, substance-abusing 20-somethings representing their brand? [WWD]
  • Nike might buy something to secure a stronger presence in the Asian markets that have grown so wealthy exploiting desperate rural migrants to manufacture cheap tennis shoes for companies like Nike. [Reuters]
  • You'll be seeing more of Josh Hartnett in your daily diet of marketing messages, for which you can thank Armani. [WWD]
  • Recession? Tell that to the college kids who spent 10% more at your average Urban Outfitters store than they did last year! [FlyOnTheWall
  • "Everybody is so beautiful! And everybody obviously looks impeccable, because they're all wearing Dior." Who is this gimlet-eyed observer of the glitterati? Why, it's wide-eyed Leighton Meester, a Dior show newbie, dressed in green and exemplifying everything we love about reading fashion trade publications. [Fashion Week Daily]



For those of you who clicked on the Stylista link, who is the woman in the publicity photos? They can't think we will beleive it is Slowey.