Today's Good Morning America delved inside the increasing faux-scandalous trend of polyamorous relationships. Turns out β€” sacrebleu! β€” that they can be as sad and boring as monogamous ones, especially when one member of the relationship comes off as strikingly unhappy. Meet Jon! He is in a poly relationship with his partner of 10 years, Jaiya, and her partner of 4 years, Ian. While Jaiya describes her relationship with Ian as "full of love, passion," she describes Jon "an old shoe," a term of endearment that he's obviously uncomfortable with (but it's such a nice thing to say! Can Jaiya please be all of our girlfriends?).

Later, when interviewed alone, Jon admits that being in a polyamorous relationship "can be tough...if that little voice of low self-esteem comes up." While issues of jealousy and confidence can be present in any relationship, it comes off as though Good Morning America is using Jon as a subtle argument against polyamory and wasting an opportunity to show that less traditional relationships can be functional and healthy. If Tilda Swinton is for it, it can't be all bad, right?