Meet Hannah Giles, 20-Year-Old Conservative "Rock Star"

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Move over, Sarah Palin and Carrie Prejean. The conservative movement may have already found its next telegenic spokeswoman.

Accepting a Young Student Activist Award from the Young America's Foundation at the Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara this past weekend, Giles — best known for posing as a prostitute to try and bring down ACORN — was greeted with adoring cries. The Los Angeles Times just called her "a rock star of conservative activism."

Giles, 20, dreamed up the scheme that brought her and friend James O'Keefe, dressed in some very bad outfits, to ACORN offices around the country, to get some very bad advice from employees. In her handful of appearances so far, Giles has stayed cheerily on message. "When I found out that there was an ACORN housing, I was just like, ‘My goodness. This is why we're in the foreclosure crisis and the mortgage crisis and let's study,'" she told Sean Hannity. "There's obviously bad things going on in these houses."


The Free Republic crowd is salivating. But first they have to contend with her goth-surfer-punkesque father, Doug Giles, a minister, author, and radio host who describes his interests as being "guns, big game hunting, big game fishing, fine art, cigars and being a big pain in the butt to people who dislike God and the USA."

Last month, Doug Giles went on Fox News' Red Eye, not long after his daughter appeared on the show, and discussed how his weapons arsenal and his daughters' jujitsu training should keep away "the dweebs and the dorks and the wimps and the punks and the welfare brats" in favor of the "lawyers and wild men, providers, protectors, hunters and heroes."

Young Conservative Activist Hannah Giles Speaks In Santa Barbara [LA Times]

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The term "welfare brats" is really pissing me off. Since when do we blame children for their financial reality? And why does it automatically make them brats? They are fucking children. #hannahgiles