I was a little skeptical when I first read about Gonzalo Otalora, a Argentinian advocate for the ugly and bestselling author of the book Feosexual, a book that, among other things, advocates taxing the attractive to help reconcile the opportunity gap that persists in rewarding the symmetrically featured with money, influence and happiness and shitting all over the dreams of the uglies. And not because his logic is somewhat screwy: "If they spend money on diets, gyms, anti-wrinkle creams and plastic surgery, surely we can wheedle even more money out of them and donate it to the ugly among us. We, the unattractive, won't squander that money because we're not compulsive consumers." (Haha, yeah, spoken like a dude.) But because the photo circulating everywhere of Mr. Otalora, taken in his pimply adolescence, is kind of cute. It shows potential. Is he just another pretty person pretending to be ugly to differentiate himself from all the "book hot" people pretending to be truly hot in the name of spreading their important humanistic messages?

Yeah, not really.

Meet Gonzalo Otalora, The Robin Hood Of Ugly People
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I don't speak Spanish but I am kind of in love anyway.

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