Meet Gayle Trotter, the Palin-Esque Activist Telling the Senate That Ladies Need Firearms

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Conservative attorney/activist/mother of six Gayle Trotter will tell the Senate Judiciary Committee today that people who are anti-gun are anti-woman. But why?


According to testimony (via HuffPost) Trotter will say that guns "make women safer," and that "attackers use their size and physical strength, preying on women who are at a severe disadvantage." Therefore, she'll argue, "guns reverse that balance of power in a violent confrontation. Armed with a gun, a woman can even have the advantage over a violent attacker."

She'll also take over all of crazy National Rifle Association Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre's crazy talking points, because pretty much everyone stopped listening to him after his nauseating post-Newtown press conference.


Wait, who is Gayle Trotter, and why does she get to testify alongside Captain Mark Kelly (Gabrielle Giffords's husband), constitutional law professor David Kopel of the University of Denver and Baltimore Chief of Police James Johnson, who chairs the National Law Enforcement Partnership to Prevent Gun Violence? She's never worked for the NRA and her spokesperson told HuffPost that she hasn't even communicated with LaPierre or the NRA. She's only blogged about gun rights once, just over a week ago.

Aha: Trotter is a Senior Fellow at the conservative Independent Women's Forum, a nonprofit that describes its mission on its website as: "increasing the number of women who understand and value the benefits of limited government, personal liberty, and free markets," and "countering those who seek to ever-expand government." Basically, it seems like Trotter is down to tackle any standard conservative issue, a theory evidenced by the rhetoric she recently employed in a Fox News op-ed; she called Obama "a card-carrying member of the jet-setting liberal class that wants to bargain with the American people to win their votes." Just cleared my "GOP talking points" bingo card in in one fell swoop!

Looks like someone wants to be the next Sarah Palin! But could you please leave us ladies out of your defense of Second Amendment rights? That is not a gun in our pocket and we are not happy to see you.


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hmm. i wonder how many women will be able to use a gun when their friend-turned-rapist decides to make their move after playing the nice guy card and bringing her home safely from the bar. or how many women will shoot their partners moments before a surprise backhand. or when a lady is out for a jog and doesn't even bring her phone because they have no place to put it.

but you know, guns solve everything.