Meet Drew, Proof You're Never Too Young To Be Completely Ridiculous

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You know what we say about children: fuck them. Why in so good a mood today? This time they're coming for our jobs. Intern Maria just alerted us to a story in next month's Teen Vogue about 12-year-old socialite jewelry designer Drew McCann. Normally this would not alarm us, because despite being identified as an "entrepreneur" there are clues sprinkled throughout the writeup — a "helicopter like view of Manhattan's west side", a sister named "Avery"— that ever so subtly suggest young Drew might have some familial advantages. But so close on the heels of reports of a 14-year-old paparazzo Austin's Hollywood clubhopping and a tip re a fashion blogger "named" Yonctopus who is, at 12, already nostalgic for the halcyon days of Elle Girl, we'd have to call it a trend:

they're infiltrating every level of the celebrity sartorial complex. Soon they'll perfect "snark" and "binge drinking" and "emotional unavailability" and... oh god they probably already have. Can't they go back to playing with Bratz and giving blow jobs already?


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I'm always a little suspicious of these wunderkind. For several years, there were articles about a girl from a local high school who, according to the reports, had single-handedly developed and ran a very successful online yearbook service. Then a reporter slipped up and gave the whole story — her older brother was a dotcom millionaire and had taken care of the design, financing and all the technical stuff. Her role in the creation was really just saying to him, "Wouldn't it be cool if..." then acting as the public face of the company. Her actual job with the company was answering email. Not quite as impressive as originally presented.

I don't know if her brother is named Avery.