Meet Christian Diet Guru Gwen Shamblin

Also, meet her hair! Gwen's hair is bigger than her body because she, well, complies with a diet she invented called "Weigh Down," wherein followers are told not to eat until they're really hungry. It used to be the most popular Christian diet of ever and ever (even bigger than What Would Jesus Eat) until she decided she did not really believe in the Holy Trinity. So far, so rational, right? Bookers on all our favorite news shows seem to think so! Fresh off her appearance last month on The Tyra Banks Show, Gwen hit The Insider last night with some diet tips for your daily dose of totally absurd. And we are really happy for her, since a few years back when she broke off from Christianity to start her own true church of thin people it looked like things were headed in a little bit of a negative direction for our Gwen! We're so glad she persevered! We're just sorry it didn't turn out as well for those disciples of hers who were sentenced to life last week...Parents Sentenced To Life Plus 30 Years In Son's Death [Nashville News Channel 5]


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I originally drafted out the typical "So, god answers the prayers of fat housewives but is letting people be raped and killed in Darfur?"- type answer, but I'm getting tired of being outraged at the stupid things that some Christians believe. Just let them form their own soon-to-fail theocracy in Alabama and be done with it.