Meet Boston’s Charles Bronson for Street Harassers

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After a stranger exposed himself to her on her trolley ride home from work last week, a 24-year-old Boston woman confronted her wrongdoer in exactly the righteous sort of way that most us only ever have the opportunity to rehearse angrily in front of a bathroom mirror — she forced him to his feet and shamed him in front of the other passengers right up until police came to haul him away.

The woman, who declined to be named, told the Boston Herald that she immediately noticed the total creepiness of a guy who boarded the trolley just a stop after she got on and proceeded to hover directly over her. "I looked up and felt awkward," she said, "so I looked down," which is pretty much a universal reaction when a stranger invades what is already a limited bubble of personal space on public transportation. He then pulled down his pants and started to touch himself, trying unsuccessfully to cover himself with his shirt. After passing a few stunned moments in silence casting around the trolley for some help (one chivalrous gentleman went so far as to shrug at her), the woman said she snapped into "She-Hulk" mode and lunged at the masturbator, collaring him before he could flee to the back of the trolley. "I've had enough of being harassed on the street," she said. "I'm tired of it and I want it to end. It was the last straw." She excoriated the man in front of all the other passengers, probably making those who made apathetic eye contact with her earlier feel really awful about their chronic inability to deal with confrontation.

She says the man seemed really scared and contrite, but his pleas failed to move her. Police eventually arrived to apprehend the man, 37-year-old Michael Galvin, and charged him with open and gross lewdness (he was later released on his own recognizance and told in no uncertain terms to stay the fuck off of the trolley).


‘She-Hulk' collars alleged T creep after lewd act [Boston Herald]

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