Meet Ashley Alexandra Dupre. She Fucked Eliot Spitzer. She Is The Future Of Music!

  • I know what I want, you know what I want, I know what you need, can you handle me? Thus begins the mellifluous "What We Want," the latest track posted on the MySpace page of Ashley Alexandra Dupre, the musician, abuse victim, former drug abuser and self-professed "non moron" who had sex with Eliot Spitzer under the name "Kristen" the night before Valentine's Day. Perhaps some blog will pay her $4,300 to perform it at their annual party in May? [NYT]
  • The Emperor's Club also offered graphic design and consulting services but I'm thinking they weren't that popular because I could probably design their website myself. [Slate]
  • Eliot Spitzer is a Gemini. Libras are famously attracted to Geminis so I guess I should consider it a bullet dodged. [<a href="

    2.html">Huffington Post]
  • Dina McGreevey is still pretty pissed. You would be, too, if your husband had told you he was gay by asking you to read a draft of a speech he was about to give. [NYT]
  • Geraldine Ferrarro abdicated her position on the Clinton campaign so she can continue speaking her mind about how easy black guys have it compared to white women. [<a href="

  • Syphilis rates are up for a seventh year in a row. Is Bubonic Plague next? [Reuters]
  • Two men, one 17 and one 21, were charged in the murder of that pretty UNC student. The motive appears to be robbery. Awesome. [NYT]
  • Just because the country's economic fundamentals are nowhere near as weak as they were back in the seventies doesn't mean the recession won't be as weak as the seventies because no one really remembers the seventies so the inflation and job prospects and such seem shitty enough to consumers and investors and all those bad vibes are enough to set off a ripple of liquidity problems that will send the whole thing spiraling wildly out of control because maybe the economic fundamentals were never that great to begin with and it was all a collective exercise in delusional fantasy. [Slate]
  • Bad news for Boeing, not that they need it. And for anyone trying to get anywhere in an airplane, not that they need it either. [WSJ]
  • The problem with America is not that our standards of living are so high technology companies don't want to hire us. (I mean, let's face it guys, the standards of living of most Americans are pretty fucking low, considering the aggregate size of this economy.) No, the problem with America is that everyone is stupid. Bill Gates, paraphrased. [Breitbart]
  • Maybe it will help that people don't have as much money to waste at the mall. [IHT]
  • Rush Limbaugh's evil plot to win Texas and Ohio for HIllary was actually an illegal evil plot, not that there's really a huge difference. [Wired]
  • Once you get past the whole "the anorexics are going to love this shit" aspect of them pickle juice popsicles actually sound like a good idea. [Wash Post]

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