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MediaPost writer "Dorothy Parker" agrees with our own Slut Machine's assessment of the 35th anniversary issue of Ms. Magazine. "I am a feminist, and I'm rooting for Ms. to hang around for at least another 35 years," Parker writes, "But I'm also a journalist, and this issue is as dull as a macramé planter from 1978." Oh, snap! Maybe Ms. needs a leeeetle more snark in their serious?[MediaPost]


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Okay, Slut Machine. You win. YOU. WIN.

Did I even get through the entire 35th Anniversary issue of MS.?

No, I did not.

Am I hitting Jezebel five to seven days a week?

Yes, I am.

Would I love to see Gloria Steinem in a MS. photo-spread parodying Lindsay Lohan—Gloria climbing drunkenly out of car with what appears to be a man's toupee serving double-duty as her bush?

Oh hell yes.

Love you, Jezzies.

See you again on Monday.