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Media Pounces on Young Student Survivors of Connecticut School Shooting for On-Air Interviews

NBC, ABC, CBS, and CNN all interviewed numerous young students — mostly second, third, and fourth graders — from Sandy Hook Elementary, mere moments after they were reunited with their parents. The children survived this morning's deadly school shooting, but is it healthy for these kids, who've witnessed the second-worst school shooting in U.S. history, to be speaking to cameras before speaking to therapists?

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If it's "unhealthy" or even if we're questioning whether or not it's unhealthy, why post clips here? Smells like hypocrisy from where I'm sitting. I'm not clicking on these links because I am very much of the opinion that the media (and that includes Jezebel) should leave these kids the fuck alone, at least for now. For today, at the very least.

This is just... irresponsible journalism. It serves no one.