Many people are rejoicing about the newly legal prospect of gay marriage, and no one is more excited than certain marriage happy moms, who feel that they have somehow failed if their children are not betrothed and be-childrened. In California, where one-in-four residents is foreign born, Sandip Roy writes in Salon, "For my immigrant friends, being gay in California is not much of an issue. Being unmarried in their 30s and 40s is the real issue, the conversation-stopper at Indian potlucks, the thing that makes them stick out at Chinese banquets." He adds, "Immigrant families just understand marriage, even same-sex marriage, more easily that singlehood. Singleness means you never grew up. It's the biggest failing of parenthood β€” the incompleteness of the unmarried child."


Roy takes the idea to a somewhat logical conclusion: that someday, in the not-too-distant future, emotionally-invested moms might start arranging same-marriages for their children. Sigh. No one is safe from the tyranny of the marriage-minded mommy!! But seriously, while marriage should be available for any two people regardless of gender, does it have to be the end game for everyone?

Be Gay, Be Anything β€” Just Not Single! [Salon]

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