Meanwhile, Two Drunk Elephants Went Jogging in Siberia

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Although vodka's metaphorically saved my life many a time, Ruski firewater literally rescued two Indian circus elephants from frostbite after the truck in which they were being transported caught fire. Stranded on a highway in freezing Siberia, Russia, the handlers did the only thing they could think of, which was (naturally) giving the pachyderms crunk juice. More specifically, two cases of vodka mixed with water.


As one local official colorfully described, "They roared like it was the jungle. Must have been happy."

After the elephants were sufficiently warmed up, the handlers (trying not to freeze to death themselves) made them jog until they were rescued and taken to a heated garage. They incurred only minimal frostbite to their ears and legs and were still able to perform in their act at the Omsk, Poland city circus. The show must go on!


Above, see one of the elephants' selfies from the incident.

'Freezing Elephants 'Saved' by Vodka' [Newser]

Just kidding; image via manasapat/Shutterstock

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Wow thats pretty idiotic of them. Basically, its this:

1. Extreme cold causes the body to constrict blood blow, pulling heat away from the extremities, thus keeping your body core warm (thus keeping you alive).

2. Alcohol reverses this natural protective process by dilating the circulatory system. This creates an illusion of warmth as that warm blood being held in the critical body core is spread everywhere. But this also speeds up the loss of heat, leading to hypothermia and death.

It was actually the act of moving the animals, jogging them and generating heat, that probably kept them alive, not the booze.