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Mean Girls Make Nation Cry

Illustration for article titled Mean Girls Make Nation Cry

The Onion has the story of three queen bees who have made construction workers, the entire Midwest, and even Barack Obama feel fat and "bo-ring." Of course, one of them's a Courtney. [Onion]


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Dictator for Life

The mean girls weren't nearly as huge an issue for me in high school as they were in my super-small elementary and middle schools. I'm facebook friends with the meanest of them all (curiosity wins every time I look at a friend request and decide whether to hit ignore or accept), and she now has fake boobs, a fake tan, and is about to become the trophy wife to a man whose oldest kid was born when she was in middle school taunting me. She keeps putting up facebook statuses about how she has the best life, and how she's so lucky in love, and all her photos involve her fiancé's boat, or huge beach house, or private box seats to Panthers games. But still: trophy wife with teenage stepchildren. It's about what I expected for her. #meangirls