Mean Girl Kim Kardashian Mocks Demi Moore's Meltdown

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Taking all celebrity gossip as gospel – as we should, even just for kicks – mean girl Kim Kardashian outed herself as a complete piece of shit by making fun of Demi Moore's Whip-It-related seizures at Elton John's Oscar party. She requested Devo's "Whip It" in front of the crowed room and said it was "dedicated to Demi" before cackling up a storm with Gretchen and Karen. The reason why she was being such an unbridled asshole? Some non-feud that started via Twitter a couple of years back wherein Demi accused Kim of being immature for glamorizing a pimp lifestyle — which she has clearly not gotten over, as evidenced by the fact she was overheard saying "she called me immature!" before requesting the track. Well, that classy and sophisticated move sure showed her. [Janet Charlton]


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It's official! Blue Ivy is going to achieve world domination in our lifetime, according to Gwyneth Paltrow. Having met the two-month old, she says that there's no question she'll grow to become our entertainment overlord. "For sure, she is going to be an entertainer. She just has this glow around her like her mother," she said, adding that Beyonce is doing well despite the fact she knows she'll eventually be usurped by her daughter. "Beyonce is doing great. She's just a natural at being a mom. And Blue Ivy is stunning, she has the most beautiful eyes." [Hollywood Life]

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Now, I don't know about y'all but this is one potential relationship that I'd happily co-sign — and I'm sure Elizabeth Olsen and Alexander Skarsgard will be happy to hear that because my opinion clearly shapes their world. Anywhoozle, the two hot stars of the moment, with Elizabeth being beautiful and of the moment while Alex is just plain hot, were spotted deep in sexy conversation at Vanity Fair's post-Oscar party at the Sunset Tower. "They were talking in a corner, for a long time," said some nosy thing. Alex broke up with Kate Bosworth last year. [Page Six]

It's a dark day when Madonna has to bow down to Joe Francis over Girls Gone Wild/"Girls Gone Wild" copyright issues. The sleaze lord sent the icon a cease and decease letter asking that she not play the song during her Super Bowl half-time show and she complied. Now she's had to change the title to her just-released song to the singular, "Girl Gone Wild." But Joe is still not happy. "Clearly her label was trying to avoid legal action surrounding the song," he said. "But, this is still infringement as far as the law is concerned and we have been in touch with Madonna's representatives in an effort to resolve this issue." [E!]
UPDATE: Madonna, via her manager Guy Oseary, says that she changed the title because she wanted to and not because some dick asked her to. [TMZ]


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Add Valentine's Day director Garry Marshall to the list of people who think that Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake's marriage may not work out in the long-term. He said he hopes "it all works out" despite the fact that Jessica would get all excited when speaking about it. "We talk about it a lot. I hope it all works out — they are terrific kids," said the not-so-cryptic maestro. "I love them both. I'm happy for her." [US]

  • The Vampire Diaries stars Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder sure didn't miss a trick when it came to letting everyone know they're together, with the couple treating the post-Oscars parties like a junior high make-out session. [Page Six]
  • Terry Richardson's Oscar weekend party was pretty standard, someone mooned photographers on the red carpet and the host signed some woman's breasts. So, like, edgy! [Page Six]
  • Try as they may, Page Six can not get Dita Von Teese to talk shit about Katy Perry. [Page Six]
  • Wow, Katy Perry looks hands-down amazing on the new cover of Interview. [Daily Mail]
  • Jean Dujardin must have been flying high on some of Honey Boo Boo Child's go-go juice because he stayed out all night after the Oscars, did three television interviews and was on a plane to Paris in the AM. [Page Six]
  • Ryan Seacrest wishes he'd remembered his mom's advice when Sacha Baron Cohen covered him in ashes: "My mom always told me to pack two jackets for red carpets. Always wondered why. Now I know." Why is she so down with red carpet advice? Is she some veteran? I'd Google myself, but these huevos rancheros aren't going to eat themselves. [Page Six]
  • Not entirely satiated with the nip-slip that wasn't, Jennifer Lopez gave it another try at the Vanity Fair party. [NYDN]
  • Sean Young says she plans on suing The Academy if they don't offer a public apology for arresting her on Sunday night. [E!]
  • We all need to chip in and get Alan Ball a relaxing weekend away because he can't stop writing the camp brilliance that are the True Blood scripts. [The Clicker]
  • The Slovak Republic have a wide/hard-on for Chuck Norris, with the public rallying for a bridge to be named after him in Bratislava. [US]
  • Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson hugged it out at the Oscars with a little low-key baby talk. [US]
  • Today in sad: Whitney Houston's mom Cissy plans on visiting the hotel suite where her daughter was found so she can try and get some closure on her sudden death. [TMZ]
  • If it were up to me Lucy Liu would be in every TV show ever, so it's good that someone in charge of casting her as Watson in a new take on Sherlock Holmes called Elementary agrees. [Vulture]
  • From drawing penises on people's faces to bonafide celebrity specials, Perez Hilton shows that anyone can make it in this business if they work hard enough to insult the right people. [Deadline]
  • Mel B wants everyone to know that she can fit into her 13-year-old daughters jeans. [Daily Mail]
  • It looks as if Chloe Sevigny stopped by the set of Law And Order: SVU for a bit of light acting work. [Daily Mail]
  • She can cop a feel of them whenever he's around but Victoria Beckham likes to keep a copy of husband David's balls on-hand for when he's out of town. [The Sun]


Violet Baudelaire

No worries Mel B, I'm sure you're not giving your daughter any complexes by bringing that up. Definitely always compare yourself and your looks to your teenage daughter. Teenage girls are notorious for their strong sense of self image and ability to not let things affect them deeply at this age.

PS If you've just one an Oscar, I feel like that's pretty's damn good GoGo Juice on it's own, although this just in, I would LOVE to see Honey Boo Boo Child win an Oscar, and her prep and reaction to Oscar night. I'd also love to see if she was just nominated, and maybe have them pan to her mom to do the loser reaction shot. Please someone do a Toddlers and Tiaras mockup of stars before the Oscars.