Mean Bed Bugs Are Determined to Ruin Your Vacation and Probably Your Whole Life

Oh, hey there. Had you managed to forget about the constant threat of bed bugs for even one second? Hahaha, of course not. You are always aware that your home could be invaded at any time, turning what was once your comfort zone into your own personal nightmare mansion. Well, you should continue to be paranoid about picking them up at home, but CNN helpfully points out that they can also terrorize you on vacation. I bet you're getting psyched for those summer travel plans now! Basically, bed bugs can be anywhere there are soft places where people sleep. Obviously that means hotels, but don't forget cruise ships, trains, planes, and automobiles too. So, be on the lookout for those nasty little buggers, especially in the creases of mattresses, and don't ignore them. Because, as CNN warns, "They can make you miserable and they can also hop a ride back to your home by sneaking into luggage." Nasty bastards.

Should they make their way into your home, from travel or from a shirt you bought at Hollister (you knew you shouldn't be shopping at that damn dark store!), you are pretty much shit out of luck. According to NPR, new research from Ohio State Univeristy has shown those bug bombs that people use to fog their apartments don't really work. They tested three popular versions on five different groups of bed bugs collected "in the wild" aka from houses, and all of them sucked. They basically just shoot insecticides called pyrethrins into the air, and there's anecdotal evidence that they actually stir the bugs up and cause them to move around instead of killing them all. So, don't bother coating your home in toxins since it's not going to do anything anyway. Either call in the professionals to do a real kill job or just give in and accept that we are powerless against filth and infestation and are destined to live with things crawling all over us. Ahhh, it itches!


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